Recent roots reviews posted elsewhere

Last month, a handful of reviews were posted over at Country Standard Time.

Angela Easterling released a really strong country album.

Old-timey folkster Old Man Luedecke dropped another exceptional album a few months ago.

Antique Persuasion is a(nother) tribute to the Carter Family, one that brings those old sounds into a modern setting while maintaining the honest essence of the classic recordings.

Others were written for the Lonesome Road Review.

The Slocan Ramblers are an ON bluegrass band with a BC name playing KY music. They are darned fine, in my opinion.

Laura Orshaw may not make a lot of headlines, but she is a fine bluegrass bandleader.

I have other reviews that have been tied up with editors…either they didn’t like them, the pieces needed a lot of polish, or (I’m hoping) things have been busy.


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