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When spending the better part of four months exploring the vagrancies of deep soul, Northern soul, and classic R&B—everything from Gladys Knight & the Pips and the Isley Brothers to Joe Simon, Clarence Carter, Paul Kelly, Chocolate Milk, and Marlena Shaw, hits, misses, and obscurities (at least to me) included—one may find oneself less inclined than normal to delve into writing about roots music.

Without doubt there are cultural and sometimes musical comparables within my roots world and the R&B and soul communities of the 60s and 70s, and I’ll leave those thoughts to folks more versed in the socio-economic complexities of anthropology than me. At their best, these musics speak from the heart, from the passion, challenges, and celebrations of life and relationships.

For much of the past few months, little of the roots music—be it Americana, roots rock, bluegrass, blues, folk, or the increasingly shaded definitions of alt-folk and the rest of the hyphenated labels applied to music that gets clumped together on the fringes—has impacted me in a positive way. Some of it has been bland, much of it has been flippin’ sleep-inducing, and a great deal has been poorly executed. No surprise then that kept busy exploring the best of soul and such with forty and fifty years hindsight, I have not been eager to head to the keyboard to write; rather, I’ve just been absorbing sounds that I had mostly missed for most of my years of music listening.

A roots music reviewer I am supposed to be, and more out of obligation than enthusiasm, I have forced myself back to roots music and the few releases that have been sent my way over the past couple weeks. Not surprisingly, once committed, I enjoyed my return to routine, and therefore today I am pleased to share with you some music that is interesting, inspiring, and in a couple cases flippin’ spectacular. Maybe I just needed a break from fiddles, steel guitars, and banjos.

I’ve posted five reviews today- I hope they provide some information and guidance of value. Thank you for visiting Fervor Coulee. Donald


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