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rightbesideyou_280My very talented editors have posted two new reviews, both of albums from Americana/Roots performers who haven’t released new music in a long time.

. At Lonesome Road Review, I took a run at the new album Right Beside You from veteran Jeff White. It appears he has slipped into Tim O’Brien’s Earls of Leicester suit on a permanent basis, and this former member of Union Station calls on his EarlsofL pals, as well as a pair of McCourys, Vince Gill, and others to record an absolutely stout bluegrass album. My review is here: http://lonesomeroadreview.com/right-beside-jeff-white/ The last sentence of the review wasn’t mine, but that doesn’t make the sentiment any less true.

Over at Country Standard Time, my review of the new one from the Hackensaw Boys has been posted. Despite appearances, this one took a while for me to write-from first listen I liked the album, but I couldn’t find the thread in…not sure I ever found it, but I did manage to splatter some words about the wall and come up with something. Again, a really good album. Regular readers will know that I have no use for percussion in bluegrass: fortunately, the Hackensaw Boys don’t play bluegrass! My review: http://www.countrystandardtime.com/d/cdreview.asp?xid=6042

Also at CST, my review of The Gospel Road from Daniel Crabtree, a Tennessee bluegrasser who has written an album’s worth of fine bluegrass gospel songs. http://www.countrystandardtime.com/d/cdreview.asp?xid=6050


Thanks for visiting Fervor Coulee, and thanks to the artists, publicists, and labels who make sure some of the best music being released makes its way to me. Donald


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