Jeff Scroggins & Colorado- Ramblin Feels Good review


Over the past year, Jeff Scroggins and Colorado have become one of Alberta’s most popular bluegrass acts. They are not from Alberta, but savvy bookers have brought them in for a couple events, including the upcoming Shady Grove Bluegrass Festival this coming weekend, August 19-21, 2016. Member Greg Blake returns this fall to the Acoustic Music Workship at Camp He-Ho-Ha this autumn, and I’m told the group played a well received if poorly advanced concert in Edmonton in February.

They are a good, mid-level bluegrass band, lacking the polish of the top-tier bands- not a criticism. From their posted YouTube videos, it appears the groups sometimes falls into the trap of enjoying themselves a little too much during their between song blather: I’d prefer less chat and more playing, but the group reveals themselves to be both personable and spontaneous while delivering a bluegrass sound all their own.

My review of their third album has been published at Country Standard Time. Ramblin Feels Good is a completely enjoyable album lacking only a couple band-written songs to push it over the top. Greg Blake has quickly become one of my favourite bluegrass singers. I wrote a review of his album last October.

As always, thanks to the bands and publicists who forward to me albums for review. I do my best to get to as many as I can. Admittedly, this summer has been a bit sparse…hopefully this coming week sees some improvement. Thanks for visiting Fervor Coulee.


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