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Still catching up from summer…

Dark for DarkDark for Dark All Dressed www.DarkForDark.com

I’m old.

I don’t much care for a lot of the music that is being flogged as folk music these days, all the groups with stupid names like The Bard & the Paddle or Moses Flies at Night. Most of time, when I flick the radio over to CKUA these days, I flick it back to the iMachine or the CD of the day fair quickly. It’s boring, and does nothing to grab my attention. As my spouse often asks, Where’s the beat?

And then, one encounters something a little different, something that makes you pause and ask, Really?

Dark for Dark’s All Dressed is one of those EPs that make you sit up a little, lean toward the speaker, and actually pay attention: this isn’t Starbucks background modern folk. This is Something.

Laurel Canyon drums and wires meets Paula Frazer (Tarnation), Dark for Dark weave melancholy vocal arrangements over and under Cowsills psych-pop that has as much in common with Gram Parsons and Townes Van Zandt as it does Jackie DeShannon and The Shangri-Las. (I said I was old, dammit!) Beautiful, beautiful sounds. Lovely.

Hailing from Halifax, Dark for Dark is Jess Lewis (of Cactus Flower), Melanie Stone (of Heavy Blinkers,) and songwriter Rebecca Zolkower (Prospector’s Union) and All Dressed is their second release. The instrumentation of Lewis (bass, percussion), Stone (guitar,) and Zolkower (guitar, synthesizer) is rounded out by Asa Brosius (pedal steel) and Matt Gallant (drums.)

I have a feeling I’m not hip enough for Dark for Dark. Tough nuggies, kids! I love ’em.

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