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Still catching up from summer…


The Vivants Bluegrass Special

Bluegrass nerds (of which I am proudly one) have defined and redefined the music in more ways than most listeners care to keep track of—for the sake of those types, The Vivants perform music most commonly pegged as pre-Scruggs, Monroe Brothers-style bluegrass. Fronted by Emily Bonn, The Vivants present two- and three- part harmony with hearty female leads and old-timey acoustic instrumentations.

Coming in just over 20 minutes, this seven-track EP wastes no time on flash: this is hard hitting music for hard hit folks. The title track is a fresh interpretation of Bill Monroe’s classic number featuring fiddle, banjo, and mandolin as well as accordion and tap. “Asheville” is one of those songs you’ve never before heard, but are convinced you have. A highlight it the old fiddle tune “Shove the Pigs Foot a Little Further in the Fire,” entitled simply “Pig’s Foot” here. Jimmy Touzel (with whom I was familiar from The Earl Brothers) takes the lead on “I Heard My Saviour Call” accompanied by the twin harmonies of Bonn and Jody Richardson. Bonn’s “5 String Step Around,” a mournful instrumental that still gets the head-a-bobbin’, closes the EP as further reminder of the vibrancy of this old-time music.

Having also heard the band on the Blue Plate Special this summer, I have become a fan of The Vivants and eagerly anticipate their next recorded release.



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