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Still catching up on summer.


Tomato Tomato I Go Where You Go

Washboard-infused, old-timey roots duo (that’s a band) Tomato Tomato (incorporating both pronunciations of the word) released their second album early this summer, and it’s a corker. The debut album from Saint John, New Brunswick husband-wife duo John and Lisa McLaggan was just a tad too ‘all over the place’ for this listener while offering enthusiastic stomp & holler in the form of “Toss It All Away” and “Gotta Get Out of This Town” as well as more moody pieces including “Breakin’ Down.”

I Go Where You Go offers a more refined, focused portrait of energetic, acoustic roots music. Lively, “Ain’t Dead Yet” offers standout vocals further propelled by the fiddling of eastern Canadian legend Ray Legere.  “Lemon Pie” reveals the duo’s jazzy roots whereas “Runnin’ Like Hell” is an instrumental workout accompanied by a lyrical thread that provides the vaguest outline of an escape from the mundane. “Rabbit In The Log” is done in a mountain-style bluegrass manner, while “The Best We’ll Ever Know” provides a family history set to a homespun rhythm.

Genuine, Tomato Tomato make music that reflects the authenticity of their experience. They aren’t ‘trying’ to be quaint and artisanal in their approach to modern folk music: I Go Where You Go is simply what the McLaggans are. And, I like it. I’d buy them a beer. (Okay, I’d let them buy me one!)


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