The IBMA and Hazel Dickens   1 comment

Earlier this month, Bluegrass Today featured a story that received-in my opinion-very little attention.

I was flabbergasted. After taking several deep breaths, and giving it a good week to digest, I responded over at Fervor Coulee Bluegrass. It has been a few weeks, and I am still more than a little peeved at what apparently has occurred over the past while regarding the great bluegrass singer and songwriter Hazel Dickens and the doors to the IBMA Hallf of Fame remaining closed to her.

The fact that the comments posted regarding this story at Bluegrass Today excluded discussion of Dickens also seems odd.

Hopefully, in 2017, the IBMA oversight is corrected.

BTW, my previous rant on this subject-Hazel Dickens and the IBMA-is posted here.


One response to “The IBMA and Hazel Dickens

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  1. Thank You! Donald Teplyske!

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