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JoshJosh Hyde The Call of the Night

I don’t know Josh Hyde, but within two minutes of listening to his “Mississippi Bridge,” I knew I had to know more. Written out of the experience of moving between the homes of his divorced parents every second weekend, Hyde has crafted a stark and relatable travelogue of a child spending his childhood on a Greyhound. It is a damned fine song.

Across this compact, 32-minute and nine song album, Hyde repeats this feat. He finds a way out of his personal experiences to communicate in a manner that is immediately universal. The title track is as sultry as a humid summer evening. A child of Louisiana, there is no surprise that Hyde seems to connect on a visceral level with the shadier sides of life, from the guy sneaking around the house when you’re “Offshore” and missed opportunities (“It’s Not Too Late.”) Both these songs feature Sonny Landreth on slide guitar.

Featuring all original material (“Offshore is a co-write with Brett Brunson), The Call of the Night has darkness running thought it (“Need a Lil More,” “Close”), but it is buoyed by Hyde’s melodically-rich approach to songwriting. And in what seems to be today’s theme, some lovely keyboard work (this time from John Gros) is apparent across the album.


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