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TG Swampbusters- Swamp Rock Country Blues Booze Records

tgswampbustersWith an abundance of rockin’ boogie (“Honky Tonk Song” and “Twist My Rubber Arm”) and a touch of late-night reflection (“Whiskey Woman” and “Five Minutes Past Midnight”), TG Swampbusters deliver a satisfying collection of unapologetic roots rock. The clean-playing Hamilton trio (Tim Gibbons, vocals, guitar, and harmonica; Patch, drums; and Joe Klienfiltr, bass) make no attempt to coat their garage rock-blues with any type of veneer. There are occasions where TG Swampbusters take on a southern visage, as on “Georgia Rollin’ Stone” and “One Hundred Proof Blues,” but these approaches simply contribute additional colour to their impressive approach to good-time sounding music. Of course, as with any blues-roots band worth listening to, there is a bit more hiding within the lyrics, as when considering the place from where you come (“Cranberry Corners”) or the one that went away (“She Gave Me the Blues.”) A good album, every bit as impressive as their previous, Swamp Tooth Comb. Not fancy, but like an ice-cold Canadian on a summer afternoon, nothing to complain about either.


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