D. B. Rielly- Live From Chester review

D. B. Rielly Live From Chester Shut Up & Play!

D. B. Rielly is like no one with whom I am familiar.

Rielly has released two full albums and now two live discs, with few songs repeated between them. The natural energy and personality of his performance is readily conveyed on Live From Chester, which like the earlier Live From Long Island City, is a brief—30 minutes this time out—snapshot of what he brings.

Vocally a bit Peter Cooper with Antsy McClain’s acerbic wit running through, Rielly is a more than capable vocalist. While songs sharp with barbs (“I’m Your Man,” “Your Stupid Face,”) and the John Prine-ish “Don’t Think Too Much” receive continued appreciation from his audience, Rielly is as strong on numbers that plumb emotional depth without self-deprecation. Disparate songs including the painfully romantic “The Sea” and the old-timey “Moving Mountains” reveal that the New York City-based artist continues to hone his songwriting chops, utilizing his guitar and banjo to give each song its unique mood. “Your Doggin’ Fool” is just beautiful.

The pairing of the spoken word “My Ma” and “I’ll Remind You Every Day” remains as powerful as when first heard on Live From Long Island City, and are the only pieces the discs have in common.

D. B. Rielly is damned fine. Someday the rest of the roots world is going to figure it out for themselves. Until then, trust me: seek out Live From Chester.

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