Jason Ringenberg- Stand Tall review

It isn’t every day you get to review the person who gave you your moniker, but such was the situation I found myself in this month. Jason Ringenberg, he of …& the Scorchers, makes a tremendous comeback fifteen years after his last solo album. Yes, he has released Farmer Jason recordings during that time, as well as a Jason comp. and a Scorchers album, but it has been a long time since Empire Builders. My review is here, and I hope I’ve done Stand Tall justice: it is a tremendous recording.

[Review based on supplied CD.]

For those who aren’t quite as old as Jason and I: Fervor was the name of the first Jason & the Scorchers album…alright, the first nationally released Jason & the Scorchers album…and was a significant album for me on first listen. As far as I can tell, when I first heard the album at work (ROW Entertainment, Edmonton) my music path was forever altered. When I got my first email address, it took me only minutes to land on Fervor Coulee, and from there this blog.

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