Shawn Lane/Richard Bennett & Carolina Blue reviews

Two (delayed) reviews have been published at Country Standard Time: it seems to be taking longer to receive CD via the mail, despite the best efforts of PR and record company folks. I appreciate those industry members who continue to see value in servicing me with CDs for review consideration.

Shawn Lane and Richard Bennett went into the studio to record a five-song EP. I don’t really understand the decision to record an EP when you are an established artist. I guess I am still stuck in the 80s when EPs were for emerging artists. (Bundock! Roman Holliday! The Judds! Yes, each of those is a link- I can’t get the font colour to show up as well on this template- gray and black!)

As I point out in the review, they are over 26-minutes with these 5-songs: a couple or three more songs, and you have an album. I suppose they had their reasons. Anyhow, Land and Harbor is an enjoyable and well-crafted set of music. This is the link to the review, in case it all blends together to your eyes as it does mine.

Carolina Blue are an emerging North Carolina band that I would love to see make a northern appearance. I love their approach to bluegrass. My review is linked here.

The purpose of my writing reviews is to help you navigate the world of roots music. Hopefully my opinions provide you with useful information as you make your listening and purchasing decisions.

Here’s a video from each of the albums:

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