The Texas Horns- Get Here Quick review

The Texas Horns Get Here Quick

I know every dive in the city, where I can wash my heartaches away;
I wake up back in the alley ‘cause I got no place to stay.

Guy Forsyth sings these words to kick-off The Texas Horns’ Get Here Quick, a blast of blues like that seldom experienced. “Guitar Town,” the lead track, is a corker, a solid, original slice of southern blues and soul.

The Texas Horns have been in-demand session and sidemen for twenty years. Mark Kazanoff (tenor saxophone) and John Mills (baritone saxophone) founded the group, and Al Gomez (trumpet) joined on many years ago. The trio have played across North America including with Jimmie Vaughan, and have—based on the included guest vocalists on Get Here Quick—made some friends along the way.

“Guitar Town” features Guy Forsyth on lead, and does he get soulful on this one? Yes, indeed. Not to be outdone, Carolyn Wonderland raises the blues bar just a little higher with a memorable performance on “I’m Doin’ Alright, At Least For Tonight.” Both of these songs have the Texas Horns positively swinging, with guitarist Anson Funderburgh taking the lead on the first number. Johnny Moeller does most of the lead electric work across the generous 52-minute album.

Gary Nicholson joins the group for two impressive songs, both his own and on which he sings lead. “Fix Your Face” features a guitar trio with Nicholson and Moeller joined by Ronnie Earl, and “Soulshine,” with a Gary U.S. Bonds feel, again features Funderburgh.

Other highlights include lead turns from Curtis Salgado (“Sundown Talkin’”) and John Nemeth (“Love Is Gone”) while Kazanoff handles things quiet adeptly on the tongue-twisting “You Can’t Be Serious.”

The instrumentals are just as remarkable, with the Texas Horns blasting their way through a number of tunes including “Funky Ape” and “Better Get Here Quick.” The keyboard players—Nick Connolly and Red Young—add to the group’s lively sound. The closing track, “Truckload of Trouble,” again featuring Ronnie Earl, is an outstanding one, a step above most blues jams.

I came to The Texas Horns with no preconceived notions. I leave Get Here Quick a fan. Give them a listen.

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