Sue Decker- Outskirts of Love review

Sue Decker Outskirts of Love There is hope for me: while I’ve yet to work-up the courage to perform in a bluegrass jam—aside from one pop-fueled, early-morning run-through of “Shady Grove” around a campfire—Victoria’s Sue Decker took her opportunity at the local jam, eventually taking a slide toward the blues. This collection of a dozen originals (near-half co-written with producer Wynn Gogol) with only a solitary number previously released (the standout “Lay Me Down in the Indigo” appeared on the introductory Live at the Duncan Showroom) is sure to please those searching for new, guitar-based, singer-songwriter blues. Quality songs and performances. All kinds of spry, Decker’s vocals are appealing, measured and textured, and her slide is lively. Featuring a full band, Outskirts of Love goes by too quickly. Highlights: “Easy Now” “Please, Please Baby” “Outskirts of Love”

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