Fervor Coulee’s Favourite Blues (and close) Albums of 2019

2019 saw a range of quality blues albums released, and they were coming at me so quickly that I had to ask a couple PR folk to stop sending me albums mid-year: I was just too far behind to do more justice. But, of the many blues (and close) albums I heard this year, these were my favourites, a mix of ‘old’ favourites and new-to-me types, several Canadian. As always, these are ‘favourites,’ not ‘best,’ is based on what I heard, and-as important-after positions five-six-or-so, titles could be flipped and flopped depending on my mood and what I’m listening to on a given day.

  1. Watermelon Slim- Church of the Blues Northern Blues Link to review
  2. Johnny Shines- The Blues Came Falling Down Omnivore Records Link to review
  3. Tim Gartland- Satisfied Taste Good Music Link to review
  4. Bywater Call- Bywater Call Gypsy Soul Records Link to review
  5. Big Dave McLean- Pocket Full of Nothin’ Black Hen Music Link to review (Scroll down)
  6. Blue Moon Marquee- Bare Knuckles & Brawn Self-released Link to review
  7. J. J. Cale- Stay Around Because Music (Thoughts right below here, in Archival Releases of the Year)
  8. Mary Lane- Travelin’ Woman Women of the Blues Records Link to review
  9. Angel Forrest- Hell Bent with Grace Self-Released Link to review
  10. Michael Jerome Browne- That’s Where It’s At Borlealis Link to review

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