Various Artists- Too Late to Pray: Defiant Chicago Roots review

Because I haven’t written quite enough reviews in 2019, I accepted a last minute assignment from Country Standard Time to take a run at the latest Bloodshot compilation. Once upon a time, Bloodshot comps were integral to my listening, and even when they stopped being essential- and entirely entertaining- I still made room for just about all of them. Ed note: Just checked the website: I have all of them except a Christmas comp., at least all listed in the online store.) So I didn’t hesitate to take a listen to the latest compilation, and am I ever glad. As good as 25 years ago. My review is here: . Lots of great sounds from new folks, new-to-me folks, and several long-time Bloodshot favourites. So, 110 album reviews for 2019. Maybe a new record: I ain’t gonna count!

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