Fervor Coulee’s Favourite Blues Albums of 2020

No complaints on my blues front in 2020. The albums I reviewed came from the breadth of the blues spectrum minus the hard-rockin’ electric blues band end. These are the ten blues (and blues-ish) albums I encountered and most enjoyed this past year. Links to Fervor Coulee reviews included, just in case you missed them the first time around.

1. Dione Taylor- Spirits In The Water

2. Bai Kamara, Jr. – Salome

3. Watermelon Slim- Traveling Man

4. JW-Jones- Sonic Departures Isolation hits, and so does motivation. Featuring a 17-piece band including a 13-piece horn section, JW-Jones’ eleventh album immediately became a favourite of mine. Inspired by 60s rock ‘n’ roll (to these weary ears) songs like “Blue Jean Jacket,” “Same Mistakes,” and “The Things I Used to Do” would be put on many a mix tape, if I still made such things. A cover of “Bye Bye Love” solidifies the jumpin’ rock tone of this release, while interpretations of “Drowning on Dry Land” and “When It All Comes Down” connect with an unmistakeable blues foundation.

5. Wayne Nicholson & John Campbelljohn- Elmore’s Blues

6. Hurricane Ruth- Good Life

7. Rick Fines- Solar Powered Two

8. The Smoke Wagon Blues Band- The Ballad of Albert Johnson

9. Mark Hummel- Wayback Machine

10.Andrew Alli- Hard Workin’ Man

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