Fervor Coulee’s Favourite Bluegrass Albums of 2020

This year I decided to limit my Favourite Bluegrass Albums of the Year to ten titles; not only is that a manageable number, it was a place where I noticed a natural break between albums I listened to repeatedly and those that I quite enjoyed but didn’t return to after reviewing.

The following didn’t make my top ten, but are albums I’ve also seen listed in high esteem elsewhere. All are recommended:

Mark Stoffel- Coffee & Cake; Jake Blount- Spider Tales; The Gina Furtado Project- I Hope You Have a Good Life; Jesse McReynolds & Friends- Play the Bull Mountain Moonshiners’ Way; and Sideline- Breaks to the Edge.

So, what did make my 2020 Favourite Bluegrass Albums of the Year list?

1. Special Consensus Chicago Barn Dance

2. Dale Ann Bradley & Tina Adair- Oh Darlin

3. The SteelDrivers- Bad For You

4. High Fidelity Banjo Picker’s Blues

5. Appalachian Road Show- Tribulation

6. Phil Leadbetter & the All-Stars of Bluegrass- Swing For the Fences

7. Della Mae- Headlight

8. Carolina Blue- Take Me Back

9. Rock Hearts- Starry Southern Nights

10. Jeremy Garrett- Circles

Let’s hope that the crop of 2021 is as strong!

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