Fervor Coulee’s Favourite Roots Reissues and Archival Releases of 2020

The Other Stuff: Reissues, Archival, Compilations, Live, Covers & Tributes. Being somewhat ‘stuck in the past’ (at least as far as my definition of roots music goes) I typically have no problem with this category of releases. Often times familiar—that’s the compilations, reissues, and (sometimes) live components—and more often fresh and revealing—that’s the archival, covers, tributes, and (if done right) live components—there has been no shortage of albums to choose from this year. My ten 2020 favourites are:

  1. John Stewart- Old Forgotten Altars: The 1960 Demos Songs that would appear on a Kingston Trio release, California Bloodlines, and elsewhere including up to Bombs Away Dream Babies. Any John Stewart is good John Stewart; these recordings happen to be great, and so welcomed to this John Stewart devotee. (purchased download)

2. Sean Burns & Lost Country- We Gotta Lotta Truckin’ To Do & A Bakersfield Half-Dozen It was hard not to fall under the spell of the trucking culture during the 1970s- from “Duel” and “White Line Fever” to “Convoy” and my older brother’s Keep On Truckin’ t-shirt (maybe the coolest thing I had ever seen up close) truck driving was everywhere—TV shows, movies, and, naturally, country music. Sean Burns is much too young to have caught the same fever I did, but you wouldn’t know it from his interpretations. Along with an earlier EP focused on the Bakersfield sound, Burns produced some of the most enjoyable country music this year. (serviced downloads)

3. Various Artists- We Shall All Be Reunited: Revisiting the Bristol Sessions, 1927-1928 (serviced download)

4. Doc Watson & Gaither Carlton- Doc Watson & Gaither Carlton (serviced download)

5. Dom Flemons- Prospect Hill: The American Songster Omnibus Prospect Hill revisited, with a RSD release that slipped through my fingers several years back, and an abundance of acoustic instrumental rhythms and beats. (purchased download)

6. Marshall Chapman- Songs I Can’t Live Without ­What the title suggests. I was initially disappointed because the set is rather concise, but once I stopped judging, I simply appreciated the ease with which Chapman and her collaborators, including Will Kimbrough, interpret these familiar songs. (purchased download)

7. Little Richard- Southern Child (serviced download)

8. Darrell Scott- Sings the Blues of Hank Williams Even when I am hoping for more, Darrell Scott wins me over. (purchased disc)

9. Susan Raye 16 Greatest Hits A reissue of a 1999 compilation. I quite love Susan Raye’s music. (serviced download)

10. Sturgill Simpson- Cuttin’ Grass, Vol. 1 Enjoyable, and that should be enough. Now there is a Vol. 2: made of money, am I? (purchased download)

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