Dave Alvin- From an Old Guitar: Rare and Unreleased Recordings review

My review of Dave Alvin’s version of “Odds & Sods” is up at Country Standard Time. I reviewed a provided download; I am missing the days when YepRoc serviced me with their Americana releases. Some gems in that catalogue, and I do love my CDs and records. This is an interesting release; the music is great, but mostly because I already had almost all of the cuts. Back a dozen or so years ago, I made a three-disc set of Alvin soundtrack, tribute album, one-off digital downloads, and guest appearance songs. Near as I can figure, 11 of these 16 tracks were on that compilation. Already being familiar with the music, it was strange to write about it as if they were ‘new.’ Hopefully I was successful. I’ll buy this one when I find the CD or vinyl at a decent price.

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