Bruce T. Carroll- First Bird to Sing review

Bruce T Carroll Releases New Album "First Bird To Sing" September 1, 2021

Every year I find that I’ve missed a few very strong albums that were sent to me for review but for whatever reason (excuse) I didn’t get to write about. So I try to rectify the situation buy writing a few capsule reviews before the previous year is too far in the rear view.

2021 saw plenty of roots music for us writing sorts to pontificate about, and I did more than my share. Here is an album that I missed:

Bruce T. Carroll First Bird to Sing

“Nobody owns this river, nobody owns this sky…” are the words with which Bruce T. Carroll chooses to open his most recent recording, First Bird to Sing. With this evocative song (“Nobody Knows”) Carroll introduces listeners to an introspective collection of songs supported by a lively collection of instrumentalists. Folk-rock, Carroll will appeal to those of us who use names such as McMurtry, Kimbrough, Picott, and Cleaves in hushed tones.

The title track is a reflection on loss (Carroll’s teenaged brother’s suicide forty years ago) that thematically pairs with John Hiatt’s recent “Light of the Burning Sun,” with “Grandfather Walks” and “Don’t Take Love Lightly (MAGA Girl)” allowing additional study of character. “’Til It’s Time to Go” and “Dragonfly in a Jar” provide additional comfort. A strong 8-song collection, First Bird to Sing is worthy of discovery.

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