Waterstreet Blues Band Talkin About review

Waterstreet Blues Band Talkin About WaterstreetBluesBand.com

The blues is often about the groove, and one suggests that Ontario’s Waterstreet Blues Band took that as their treatise approaching their second album, Talkin About.

The songs are largely original, but the instincts are naturally and fully immersed in roadhouse, dance-focused rockin’ blues. A few songs are heavier lyrically (“Riverside Child,” for example), but the band seems most focused on providing a good-time experience that would flow with an evening of amber beverage consumption.

Silvia Dee’s lead vocals are a highlight, and a fine complement to the rough ‘n tumble take that Paul Sapounzi (and perhaps others) offers on his lead turns. A highlight is “Laugh to Keep From Cryin’,” a song—with impressive lead guitar features—that sounds from another era, as is the slow-burning “Mean Vicious Woman.” Covers of Tom Waits (“Temptation”) and Samantha Fish (“Miles to Go”) round out a set of ten songs that are sure to keep the party moving.

Good time music to be had here.

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