Dan Tyminski- One More Time Before You Go: A Tribute to Tony Rice review

Dan Tyminski One More Time Before You Go: A Tribute to Tony Rice North Star Records

No one should be surprised by this project. Tony Rice was the most influential guitarist bluegrass music has produced, and that is revealed on each festival stage weekly.

This past weekend, I had the pleasure to listen to Richard Bennett ‘up close,’ and the impact of Rice on his playing—as creative and individual as he is—was unmistakable.

We have had a full-blown Rice tribute released since his death at the end of 2020, and there will be more. Few will be as heartfelt as this from Dan Tyminski.

Upon hearing the news of Rice’s death, Tyminski says, “I cried all day on day one, and on day two, had written the instrumental part.” From grief, comes art.

The song became “One More Time Before You Go,” the title track to this lean, five-song EP, four songs familiar from the Rice catalogue, and the original Tyminski crafted in remembrance of his friend and guitar hero.

Co-written with Josh Williams, the song features guitar playing that will bring to mind Rice’s signature touch, as well as lyrics borrowed from his songs. The band featured on this singular number is as impressive with significant Rice connections: Jerry Douglas, Sam Bush, and Todd Phillips, with Williams contributing vocals. It is plain that the song, and the EP, is a genuine ‘tribute’ to an inspiration, not a marketing scheme to acquire notice.

A duet with Molly Tuttle opens the recording. “Church Street Blues,” the first song I think of when I consider Rice, is absolutely sublime with Tuttle playing lead and singing harmony. As on this number, the three remaining tracks feature Tyminski in duet-setting with bluegrass friends.

“Ten Degrees and Getting Colder” features Tyminski singing on guitar with Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent harmonizing on the chorus. Billy Strings plays guitar and sings on “Where The Soul of Man Never Dies” (from the Skaggs & Rice album) and is absolutely gold. The set concludes with “Why You Been Gone So Long” and the resonator of Gaven Largent.

Sincere and true, this concise and masterful tribute to the guitar and singing genius of Tony Rice helped Dan Tyminski process his grief. I’m sure it will do the same for those who purchase and listen.

And I can’t wait for the forthcoming Dan Tyminski Band album.

Reviewed from download.

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