Fervor Coulee’s Favourite Blues Albums, 2022

I do enjoy blues music. Of all the roots styles I feature at Fervor Coulee, blues is the music I reach for when listening for enjoyment the least: I listen to it intently while reviewing and writing, but I just don’t often go to the shelves searching for blues music.

That changed a bit this year as Harrison Kennedy was one of the albums to which I repeatedly returned just for pure enjoyment. Ditto Suzie Vinnick, Crystal Shawanda, Angel Forrest, and several others reviewed this year: I’ve been saying it for years—the ladies are where one should look to find the most emotionally charged, exciting, and soulful blues being created. Here we go:

C= Canadian A= Albertan

1 Harrison Kennedy- Thanks for Tomorrow C Love this, love this, love this. A great recording, and one that introduced me to Harrison Kennedy and his remarkable career in soul and blues. Review here. Serviced CD.

2 Suzie Vinnick- Fall Back Home C One of my perennial favourites. Review here. Serviced CD.   

3 Crystal Shawanda- Midnight Blues C One of my perennial favourites. Review here. Serviced CD.   

4 Rory Block- Ain’t Nobody Worried One of my perennial favourites. Review here. Serviced CD.   

5 Angel Forrest- Angel’s 11- Vol. II C Eleven guest vocalists and musicians appear with Forrest on this fiery collection of music that walks all the lines- blues, to rock, to soul. Serviced CD.

6 Barbara Blue- From the Shoals The latest from Memphis’ Reigning Queen of Beale Street just came in and immediately vaulted onto the list.

7 Spencer Mackenzie- Preach to My Soul C Review here. Serviced CD.

8 Robert Connely Farr- Shake It Review here. Serviced download.

9  Son House- Forever On My Mind Rescued from obscurity, these 1964 recordings are absolutely spellbinding. Review here. Serviced download.

10 Tim Gartland- Truth Review here. Serviced CD

11 Lyle Odjick and the Northern Stream Through the Rain C Harp-based blues; lively, party music. Serviced CD

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