Fervor Coulee’s Favourite Vinyl Purchases of 2022

As the days of 2022 draw to a close, I was inspired by a Twitter mate to reflect on my vinyl purchases of the past year. In the long ago 90s, I had way too many albums, and as storage became an issue I traded off and sold (both, too cheaply) boxes of them. While I only remember some of them when again encountered, several burn my soul with regret. After our 2012 move, I was ‘encouraged’ to further downsize, and at the time—a weak moment, obviously—I agreed as I had many of the most important on CD. Again, regrets and the creation of the #NeverSellYourVinyl hashtag.

How many albums and singles have passed through my life? No idea, but I am confident that I’ve sold and traded well-over two thousand albums and 12” singles/EPs, and don’t get me started on the 7″ singles. Most of those I won’t be able to reacquire (Ohama, anyone?), and many I don’t need to. But slowly over the last few years and accelerated a little in 2022, some of those albums are finding their way back to me. Usually in poorer quality as I tend to select from the bargain bins, but good enough to make me feel good about reacquiring something I should never have parted with. And since I have no trouble getting some dirt on my hands, I am pleased to flip through the selection of the area bargain stores a couple times monthly, and am finding great things I never knew I needed.

To paraphrase my cousin, We keep acquiring things to fill an emotional hole. Since I am near hollow…

Here are my favourite vinyl purchases of 2022 and in no particular order, but each favoured for a good reason. I could have added so many more, but had to limit myself—turns out, almost every album I acquire is a favourite! More than roots, here.

Barclay James Harvest-Time Honoured Ghosts With this, I discovered a new favourite almost fifty years on. How did I go that long without encountering the band? Never know what you will uncover at the Sally Ann.

John Wort Hannam- Long Haul An Alberta favourite, I have long enjoyed JWH and his keen insights- never before had I found his music on the black vinyl, so I didn’t hesitate more than a second to make the decision.

Alison Krauss & Robert Plant- Raise the Roof My hands burned for this blue vinyl beauty.

Big Sugar- Hemi-Vision  My hands burned for this orange and green vinyl beauty- I have always liked the band, but not to the degree warranting such a purchase- sometimes, you just have to have. Enough of the burning hands…

Rolling Stones- Flowers- Since I’m more a fan of the hits than full albums when it comes to the Stones, this one was up my alley- passable condition, nice cover, good music.

Tony Rice- California Autumn Courtesy of Rebel Records, a well considered reissue with a lovely cover.

Big Brother & the Holding Company- Live at the Monterey International Pop Festival When I went into the store, I didn’t know this existed. When I left, I knew I needed it. As I listened, I was pleased I listened to my inner self. I love Janis Joplin something fierce.

Carlene Carter- Blue Nun The last of the early Carlenes I needed on vinyl.

Canadian Sunset Stringband- It has a moose on the cover. A moose!

kd lang & the reclines- Angel with a Lariat When I found this, I decided I was on a mission to collect lang vinyl. I started the year with one; after yesterday, I have six. Like I need another mission.

Long Ryders- State of Our Union I survived for 40 years with cassette and CD versions (and expanded box set) but never had the vinyl until this year.

Suzi Quatro- The Devil In Me If you knew Suzi, you would also be pleased to have acquired this double album of classic-sounding Quatro.

Allison Russell- Outside Child My favourite album of 2021- it took me a while to find on vinyl.

The Go-Gos- Greatest I traveled some 5000 km to acquire this sea-green edition. Well, not just for that- but it was part of the reasoning!

Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper- Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper Folks I had largely ignored. I didn’t know I needed this, but I am glad I found.

Bobbie Gentry’s Ode to Billy Joe soundtrack The cover is absolutely trashed, but I still took a closer look because this had been on my Wish List for several years, ever since I learned that the version of the song herein was a ‘new’ recording by Gentry. It plays very well. Evidence that one just has to keep bin diving.

David Parmley with Billy Strange- Blue Grass and Folk Blues A strange album, not bluegrass but definitely adjacent. Was offered, by a fairly prominent bluegrass singer, face value, then $20, then $25 and $30 for it immediately after purchase. That was strange. And quite uncomfortable.

Tami Neilson- Kingmaker Gotta love Tami Neilson- she is on a roll.

Tonio K- Life in the Foodchain Bought this in high school, sold off in the Great Vinyl Purge of 2012-2013. Found for a couple bucks, and it still sounds great.

Nick Lowe- Wireless World Did I need another Nick Lowe vinyl reissue? Damn you, YepRoc.

Susan Raye- I’ve Got a Happy Heart I have kept my eyes open for Susan Raye’s original albums for several years, and have never seen a-one. Found three of good quality on my first visit to Edmonton’s Record Collector’s Paradise.

Chairmen of the Board- In Session Until this summer, I never knew anything about this band beyond a couple singles. Was quite thrilled to acquire this excellent condition copy a few weeks later, again at Record Collector’s Paradise.

Murray McLauchlan- Timberline I’ve loved this album for almost my entire teaching career. I bought my original cassette early in my career, at a Radio Shack (I think) in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan; this was when McLauchlan had his CBC radio program, Swinging on a Star. I don’t think I had previously heard any of the songs, but it spoke to me from first listen.

Mother Maybelle Carter- Pickin’ and Singin’ Yes, I squealed.

The Monkees- Pieces, Aquarius, Capricorn, & Jones Ltd. My first Monkees vinyl in many, many years.

Billy Strings & Terry Barber- Me/And/Dad I appreciated this album when I first listened and reviewed the download last month, but that has only grown with the passing weeks. Given enough time, I know it would have moved up on my ‘year-end’ favourites lists. A wonderful ‘family’ album.

Thanks for indulging me and my continuing vinyl obsession. Hope you found something of interest at Fervor Coulee during 2022 and will check back frequently in 2023. You can find me @FervorCoulee on both Twitter (until it explodes) and Mastodon (if I can figure out how to utilize it.) Use #RecordsOnTheShelf and #CDsOnTheShelf for specific searches.

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