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Ned Luberecki- Take Five review   Leave a comment

Ned LOkay, take a moment an revel in the beauty of that album cover.

Rooted in classic music, the cover of Ned Luberecki’s Take Five recalls the Dave Brubeck Quartet’s Time Out giving it a bluegrass twist. Luberecki takes things further, interjecting a jazz ‘grass interlude mid-set including a fresh take on Paul Desmond’s “Take Five.” The album features several guests, both folks we associate with Luberecki-Chris Jones & the Night Drivers and Becky Buller-as well as those who don’t immediately come to mind when considering Nedski-Dale Ann Bradley, to name the most prominent.

It is a very strong album with lots to offer. My review was published at Lonesome Road Review, but got lost in the mix her at Fervor Coulee.


Kenny & Amanda Smith Band- Live and Learn   Leave a comment

Kenny & Amanda Smith Band

Live and Learn

Rebel Records


Seemingly bluegrass music’s happiest couple, Kenny and Amanda Smith  return with another in a line of impressive bluegrass albums.


“Live and Learn” has a companionable vibe about it, very comfortable and confident. Kenny Smith is one of bluegrass’s finest flatpickers, and he demonstrates his abilities throughout, including on an otherwise staid rendering of “I’d Jump the Mississippi.” The traditional “Cruel Willie” fares better and Kenny admirably stretches himself vocally on “Icicle Canyon.”


Amanda Smith’s pleasing voice carries the album, and fans of the group should find themselves fully satisfied with their fourth Rebel disc.