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IBMA Awards 2013, Part 9   Leave a comment

Down to three awards, by my count.

Instrumental Group of the Year:

Blue Highway

The Boxcars

Sam Bush Band

Punch Brothers

Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen

Each and every year, I would vote for Blue Highway- not sure there is anyone stronger, more well-rounded. The voters disagreed, choosing the equally adapt The Boxcars for the award. Third time?

Album of the Year- an award that could have very different nominees had the IBMA’s ‘release’ definition not changed. The nominees were:

Dear Sister, Claire Lynch, produced by Garry West, Compass Records

Hammer Down, The SteelDrivers, produced by The SteelDrivers

& Luke Wooten, Rounder Records

The Old School, Peter Rowan, produced by Alison Brown, Compass Records

Papertown, Balsam Range, produced by Balsam Range, Mountain Home

They Called It Music, The Gibson Brothers, produced by Eric & Leigh Gibson and Mike Barber, Compass Records.

I had a hard time choosing between the Gibson Brothers’ and Peter Rowan’s albums. I ended up voting for The Old School. I would have included the following on my ‘ideal’ ballot: Niall Toner Band Onwards and Upwards, Don Rigsby’s Doctor’s Orders, John Reischman’s Walk Along John, and, maybe the John Driskell Hopkins and Balsam Range’s project, Daylight.

There were some excellent albums released last year.

Turns out, the voters went with Balsam Range, perhaps a (slow) change a-coming in the bluegrass world.

Really disappointed that I’m missing a live performance by the Del McCoury Band.

All that is left is the Entertainer of the Year award, unless I’ve missed something on the Twitternet. First time I haven’t been able to listen to the broadcast in a few years, and I’m missing it. There are usually a few good quips, and with Chris Stuart involved in the writing, I was hoping for a few sharp comments. Maybe I’ll catch a rerun.

Entertainer of the Year:

Balsam Range

Blue Highway

Dailey & Vincent

The Gibson Brothers

The Del McCoury Band

For old time’s sake, I would love to see Del and the Boys win this one again. I would predict the Gibsons, who I fake voted for, but maybe Balsam Range sneaks in? Let’s go to Twitter for the results…nothing yet. The argument could be made for all of these groups- D&V are crowd pleasers, DMB has things down pat, BH are extraordinary pickers and singers, BR are up and comers, and the Gibsons are the still-rising stars of the industry. Of course, I always find John Reischman & the Jaybirds very entertaining, and the one time I saw them, Chris Jones & the Night Drivers knocked me out.

Back to Twitter: The Gibson Brothers take the top honour of the evening for the second year in a row.

Apologies to those of you who usually enjoy my take on the awards show- frustrated and disappointed that I couldn’t do my best this year. Sigh.

Another year of bluegrass awards in the books. I was pretty happy with the vast majority of the results.

As always, thanks for visiting Fervor Coulee. Donald

On the Twitter at @FervorCoulee



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IBMA Awards 2013, Part 8   Leave a comment

I can’t get my feed back, and have tried a couple different places. Very disappointing as the International Bluegrass Music Awards ceremony is one of my favourites of the year, and also the busiest day by far for traffic at Fervor Coulee.

Twitter has just informed me of the Gospel Recording award winner, the nominees were:

Beulah Land,” Marty Raybon, written by Squire Parsons, produced by Marty Raybon, Rural Rhythm

Home on the River,” The Gibson Brothers, written by Austin Taylor, produced by Eric & Leigh Gibson and Mike Barber, Compass Records

Row by Row,” Balsam Range, written by Ashleigh Caudill, produced by Balsam Range, Mountain Home

Say Hello to Heaven,” Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, written by Lewis N. Hyatt, produced by Doyle Lawson, Mountain Home

When He Beckons Me Home,” Darin & Brooke Aldridge, written by George Shuffler, produced by Darin & Brooke Aldridge, Mountain Home.

I voted for “Row by Row,” but the award went to Marty Raybon. Again, I don’t get it. By no means was/is it a poor performance, but it just doesn’t inspire me.

For Song of the Year, usually a great category that the voters get ‘right’, the nominees are:

Any Old Road (Will Take You There),” Balsam Range, written by Carl Jackson, Marc Pruett & Jerry Salley

Gentle on my Mind,” Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out, written by John Hartford

Papertown,” Balsam Range, written by Milan Miller

The Story of the Day that I Died,” Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice, written by Ashby Frank

They Called It Music,” The Gibson Brothers, written by Eric Gibson & Joe Newberry

Including “Gentle On My Mind” seems kind of silly, especially as the performance of it wasn’t especially compelling. “The Story of the Day That I Died” was a let down for me, but at least “Old Bicycle Chain” didn’t make the list. A weak crop with only “They Call It Music” significantly resonating with me. My list would have looked very different with the following:

“The Darker the Night, the Better I See” The Gibson Brothers, written by Joe Newberry

“Sir Duke” Robert Hale, written by Stevie Wonder

“Keepin’ It Between the Lines (Old School)” Peter Rowan .

“The Mountain Doctor” Larry Cordle and Don Rigsby as well as “They Call It Music.”

On my fake LRR ballot, I checked off “They Call It Music.” Twitter tells me that I voted with the majority.


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IBMA Awards 2013, Part 7   Leave a comment

Lost my feed entirely; disappointing, but considering I didn’t pay for it…

Have a frozen image of

RECORDED EVENT OF THE YEAR on the screen, so guessing. The nominees are:

Another Night,” Alan Bibey, Wayne Benson and Russell Moore, produced by Alan Bibey & Wayne Benson, Pinecastle

Golden Ring,” Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out with Sonya Isaacs, produced by Barry Bales, Cracker Barrel

On the Edge of Letting Go,” Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen with Tim O’Brien and Rob Ickes, produced by Frank Solivan & Brent Truitt, Compass Records

This Old Guitar and Me,” Grasstowne with Ronnie Bowman, produced by Ronnie Bowman & Grasstowne, Mountain Fever Records

What’ll I Do;” Terry Baucom with Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Wyatt Rice, Steve Bryant & Buddy Melton; produced by Terry Baucom, Cindy Baucom and Ed Lowe; John Boy & Billy label

I would have replaced two or three of these with Peter Rowan’s “Keepin’ It Between the Lines (Old School),” features not only most of the Del McCoury Band, but also Michael Cleveland, Chris Henry, Bobby Osborne, and Jesse McReynolds as well as “The Devil Lives in A Mason Jar”  John Driskell Hopkins and Balsam  Range- heck, the John Driskill Hopkins and Balsam Range abum in its entirety, and “Itzbin Reel,” featuring John Reischman and Chris Thile. I just heard a snip making me believe Frank Solivan took it. That is the one I would have voted for. BTW, the Lonesome Road Review results are up over at

Just got the feed back, for a few seconds and heard Barry Bales’ name- must be Bass Player time.

Barry Bales

Mike Bub

Missy Raines

Mark Schatz

Marshall Wilborn were the nominees, and on my fake ballot I picked Bales. However, annually I would have Trisha Gagnon of the Jaybirds on my bass player ballot.

Signal gone again. Just about ready to give this up and go spend time with my spouse. Will blog my thoughts later on. No point in trying to guess what is going on. Disappointing, but no one’s fault- o, it’s back. And now it is gone. Others complaining, so it isn’t just me.

Correction, Twitter just told me that recorded event went to “What’ll I Do?” By Terry Baucom and Sam Bush, so my apologies for misleading you. I could edit, but that would be cheating.

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IBMA Awards 2013, Part 6   Leave a comment

IIIrd Tyme Out playing “Gentle on my Mind,” one of the all-time great songs. Not sure it was one of the top five songs released between April 1 and March 31. I would have had many others ahead of it. No doubt, Russell Moore can sing.

Wish I knew what was coming next so I could prepare something!

The Hall of Fame inductees:


Tony Rice

Paul Warren

As much as I respect them, I have a hard time with the H of F, and will have, until Hazel Dickens is named. Have I flogged this horse before?

Someone on the feed just compared Ron Stewart’s voice to Sam Elliot’s! All I can say, is I wish I had thought of that, because it is perfect. The feed keeps cutting out, so I am missing the acceptance, but Ron’s induction speech was darn good.

Criticize the IBMA all you like, but they do a great job of HofF inductions. I just wish Hazel had been given the opportunity to experience such before she died.

At least they are getting Tony Rice in there while he’s breathing; that is the way it should be. Lost the feed entirely now. I believe the Earls of Leicester are to perform, and I don’t want to miss that- Johnny Warren, Bales, O’Brien, Flux, and Shawn Camp. Someone else? Charlie Cushman, maybe. No feed. Dang me.


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IBMA Awards 2013, Part 5   Leave a comment

Not sure why Marty Raybon is there. Just my editorial piece. I liked him as Shenandoah’s singer, but not so much as a bluegrasser: realizing I am not the majority. Emerging Artists of the Year:

Della Mae
Flatt Lonesome

Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen
The Spinney Brothers

The Darrell Webb Band

Rather than Flatt Lonesome, I would have had Blue Mafia on my list. I know I fake voted for the Darrell Webb band, but Della Mae just won. I hope they continue their development.

Mandolin Player of the Year:

Wayne Benson
Jesse Brock
Sam Bush
Sierra Hull

Adam Steffey

And, by now it goes without saying…John Reischman would have been on my list. I voted for Steffey, and he gets it again. For the 10th time. He is a monster, and I don’t begrudge him this one. Still, someday the bluegrass world has to wake up to the magic John Reischman produces. Adam Steffey gives good speech.

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IBMA Awards 2013, Part 4   Leave a comment

I’m getting the feeling that Compass Records is taking over the industry!

Mills and Baucom announcing female vocalist of the year:

Dale Ann Bradley

Sonya Isaacs

Claire Lynch

Amanda Smith

Rhonda Vincent

All have great vocals although Claire Lynch doesn’t sing what I consider to be bluegrass; still, how can these singers be overlooked regularly, and in some cases, always:  Brooke Aldridge, Dara Wray, Tina Adair, Laurie Lewis, Kathy Kallick, Trisha Gagnon- I would have voted for my favourite, DAB. Claire Lynch wins, not surprisingly as she has a couple times in the past. Her “Dear Sister” album may be well produced and well executed…but it ain’t bluegrass, in my opinion.

I’m not criticizing anyone who thinks differently, but I just don’t ‘hear’ bluegrass when I hear her music.

Guitar Player of the Year:

Jim Hurst

Tony Rice

Kenny Smith

Bryan Sutton

Josh Williams

To which I would add Jim Nunally

Richard Bennett.

I wrote down Sutton’s name, but could have picked Hurst as well. Looks like IBMA voters went my direction, with Bryan Sutton getting it again. I’ll have to do some revising tonight, to add in details like # of wins cause the IBMA site isn’t working for me still; I think this is his 7th win.


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IBMA Awards 2013, Part 3   Leave a comment

The Gibson’s are singing another one of their great songs, “Dying For Someone to Live For.” Gives me a chance to catch up- they won Vocal Group of the Year earlier:

Balsam Range 

Blue Highway

Dailey & Vincent

The Gibson Brothers

Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver were nominated, and while I do have a soft spot for Blue Highway as I believe their vocal abilities are often over looked, I still wrote down the Gibson Brothers on my fake ballot. By the way, I would have added Chris Jones & the Night Drivers and Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers to the list of nominees, in place of D&V and DLQ.

That is such a good song.

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