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Fervor Coulee Interviewed by Bluegrass Today   Leave a comment

“Having a Coffee with…” is a regular feature n the Bluegrass Today site. Quite some time ago, I was asked to participate and the piece has now been posted. May be of interest. Likely not.

I am honoured to have been asked.

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Modern Acoustic Captures My Thoughts Almost Perfectly   Leave a comment

And a whole lot more politely than I would have…

Modern Acoustic addresses the pain and bother of the inconsiderate minority who no longer understand the norms of concert/live performance attendance. Rich’s examination of the issue is available HERE.

In an even-handed manner, he discusses the positives of those who use their phones to capture the live show, while kindly pointing our the down side.

If only those standing and talking in front of me at Joe Pug this past April had read this article, the show may have been much more enjoyable.

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Doyle Lawson “gives” to his fans   Leave a comment


I’m ready for the hate mail, because I know one doesn’t criticize Doyle without expecting push-back from his many supportive fans. But, this one got me! You can read my opinion piece at Country Standard Time within the Fervor Coulee Bluegrass blog.

Once you’ve read my opinion, please come back and complete the poll on this subject.

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David Via Attack and House Concerts   Leave a comment

1327954558_David_Via_promo_Over at Fervor Coulee Bluegrass, I share my thoughts about the events surrounding the attack on David Via last weekend outside a house concert. I only know what I’ve read at Bluegrass Today, and what has been posted to Via’s facebook page. Horrible. It shouldn’t happen, of course. But what happens when it does?
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What the heck is going on with Michelle Shocked?   Leave a comment

I have loved Michelle Shocked’s music since the first time I heard “Anchorage” 25 years ago. Since that time she has created an incredible body of work- music that was liberating, expressive, challenging, and often rooted in the tradition of free-minded folks like Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, and Bruce Springsteen. More than once, I was moved by her music, by her vision.

That is why it was so upsetting to read of her apparent meltdown on stage in San Francisco this past week. I avoided commenting simply because I couldn’t imagine her saying what was being reported. Now that the audio of that event has been posted, I better understand the situation.

Her reality isn’t my reality. Hey, she believes what she is saying. As misguided as her beliefs are, as hateful as much of her verbage was, she believes it was important to communicate it. At least, at the time.

I’m disappointed that someone I have admired so much, for so long, now apparently holds opinions and beliefs that are so hurtful. The joy of freedom is that we don’t have to agree with everything people say. Sometimes, folks cross lines- either to be provocative and push an issue, whether we like it or not, or to encourage dialogue. And sometimes, just to be hateful.

I don’t know what Michelle was attempting Sunday. It makes no sense to me. I am not going to suggest that she ‘needs’ help, that she is in the middle of a breakdown. Her statement released following the appearance in San Francisco confuses things even more. As does this interview.

This is what I know. Tonight, when I put Short, Sharp, Shocked into the CD player, I will enjoy it. And I will hope that Michelle Shocked rebounds from this very strange, very ill-conceived slice of ‘reality’. I will think good thoughts about her, and hope that she truly doesn’t mean the things she implied on stage last weekend. I will hope that she is attempting to engage in a critical and challenging dialogue.

Because, if she isn’t and actually does believe some of the things she said, or at least suggested, I need to reconsider a lot of my own thinking.

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Chris Stuart Gets Deeply Thoughtful   Leave a comment

I don’t habitually post links to other writers’ deep thoughts- heck, it is hard enough to attract readers without sending them elsewhere- but Chris Stuart, noted bluegrass songwriter, musician, and humourist, has recently posted a piece examining freedom of speech from a bluegrassic perspective. It is worth considering, I think, even if he doesn’t send me his CDs for review any more: I’m not sure why this resonated with me so much. Perhaps because I’m tired of certain people telling me that what I think is somehow wrong or anti-whatever simply because I don’t happen to agree with their (from my perspective) narrow and wrong-headed moronity. Not very tolerant, that last thought. Regardless, Chris goes deep on this one. Ties in “Rollin’ In My Sweet Baby’s Arms” while he’s at it, although I’ve always found “I Am My Own Grandpa” much more offensive.

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Will this be the end of modern country music?   Leave a comment

Only if it gets recorded:

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