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I’ve posted a story summarizing the 2012 IBMA Awards over at Fervor Coulee Bluegrass.

Thanks for visiting, all 300 of you tonight! Donald


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IBMA Awards 2012, part 20   Leave a comment

That was a fine night for bluegrass, capped with a fitting tribute to Earl Scruggs- and by extension- to the founding fathers of the music.

My heart leaped a beat when I saw Lynn Morris on stage; was afraid I might not see that sight again. What a collection of talent on stage, from Cahill to McCoury, Crowe to Scott, Adams to Lawson and beyond…nicely done.

I predicted the voting seven times, about average I’m guessing based on my memory. My favourites were awarded six times, above average.

“Shoulder to Shoulder” is the theme song.

Best moments- Dale Ann winning. Junior Sisk being called up twice. Seeing Lynn Morris on stage.

Thanks for following with me tonight. I appreciate you visiting Fervor Coulee. Donald

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Dang, lost my feed as Ms. Gray was speaking.

Who won entertainer of the year? I went over to Sirius XM, but they seem to be a bit behind the video feed as Dailey and Vincent just wrapped as I logged onto Sirius.

Got my video feed back, and I guess I only missed the review of the momentum awards, which I can’t help but smirk a little at- a bit of patting each other on the back, stroking the chosen few- but even more obviously than with most awards.

Entertainer of the Year

  • Dailey & Vincent
  • The Gibson Brothers
  • Alison Krauss & Union      Station
  • Steve Martin & Steep      Canyon Rangers
  • Russell Moore & IIIrd      Tyme Out

AKUS is the only band I’ve seen live of late. They’ve done more for the music over the years than the others, I do believe it could be argued. Still, I won’t be surprised (or disappointed) if Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers repeat…the award goes to The Gibson Brothers. I didn’t see that one coming, obviously. Maybe I’m not the only one tired of Jamie Dailey’s schtick.

Now, I’m sitting back to watch and listen to the Earl Scruggs tribute. Should be amazing. Youtube it, y’all.



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IBMA Awards 2012, part 18   Leave a comment

By ‘strongest’ album, in reference to BH Sounds of Home, I may be thinking ‘most musically complex’ and all that. Hey, I love that album, and feel it would it would have been a well-deserved selection. But I am even happier that Junior Sisk and Ramblers Choice took the award. That is a deep album- “Far Cry,” “Another Man’s Arms,” “Tailor Made” and especially “The Grave Robber.” Buy that album, you won’t be disappointed.

Dailey and Vincent are singing a non-bluegrass, gospel song. Makes sense, I guess, at the IBMA Awards.

For other reviews, see

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If there is justice- and there ain’t- Jr. Sisk is the next bluegrass superstar. Heck, he may even be Emerging Artist of the Year next year.

Emerging Artist of the Year

  • Darin & Brooke Aldridge
  • Della Mae
  • Joe Mullins & the Radio      Ramblers
  • Frank Solivan & Dirty      Kitchen
  • The Darrell Webb Band

A very deserving win for Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers. While he and they fit the award criteria…oh, well, they won! I really thought the Aldridges would win this time out.

Album of the Year

  • All In by The Boxcars      (artists & producers), Mountain Home Records
  • Paper Airplane by Alison Krauss & Union      Station (artists & producers), Rounder Records
  • Prime Tyme by Russell Moore &      IIIrd Tyme Out (artists & producers), Rural Rhythm Records
  • Sounds Of Home by Blue Highway (artists      & producers), Rounder Records
  • The Heart of a Song by Junior Sisk &      Ramblers Choice (artists), Wes Easter & Ramblers Choice (producers),      Rebel Records

What if Junior Sisk wins? Man, that would be something. Or AKUS, after all these years. I would be happy with them doing it, but think Blue Highway put together, start to finish, the strongest album…Holy, shite! Yes! I really can’t believe that Junior Sisk got the most votes. I listened to that album likely more than all the others combined. I am so happy for him and his- I told ya- the next bluegrass superstar. Finally.

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Must be getting close to emerging artist time, the award that goes annually to the bluegrass veterans who have had the worst luck with managers, promotion, band turnover, and labels going out of business. Audie Blaylock has been retired from this category, by the way.

Someone, somewhere, laughed at that. I hope.

Nope, not yet. Hall of Fame induction of Ralph Rinzler. I truly appreciate what he did for the music. If you don’t know what he did, you need a better record and CD collection.

A long list of In Memorium was read aloud. It would have been lovely to have had a photo montage, but better than nothing.

Next up…

Gospel Recorded Performance of the Year

  • Beyond The Sunset by Doyle Lawson, Russell      Moore, Jamie Dailey & Josh Swift (artists); Doyle Lawson (songwriter);      Bob Kelley, Jack Campitelli & Darrel Adkins (producers); Rural Rhythm      Records
  • I Press Through The Crowd by Dale Ann Bradley      (artist), Joe Isaacs (songwriter), Alison Brown (producer), Compass      Records
  • I Saw Him Walk Out Of The      Sky by      Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver (artists), Dee Gaskin (songwriter), Doyle      Lawson (producer), Mountain Home Records
  • Satisfied by Paul Williams & The      Victory Trio (artists), Martha Carson (songwriter), Paul Williams      (producer), Rebel Records
  • Singing As We Rise by The      Gibson Brothers (artists); Joe Newberry (songwriter); Eric Gibson, Mike      Barber & Leigh Gibson (producers); Compass Records

Come on…another one for DAB. Looks like I predicted the Gibsons to win. Would not be disappointed if Paul Williams walked away with the award. Nope, the Gibsons. I’m scaring myself with some of these predictions. I must be up to three or four by now.

Song of the Year- I’m hoping for a tie on this one…

  • A Far Cry From Lester and      Earl by Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice, written by Tim Massey, Rick      Purdue & Harry Sisk Jr.
  • Dustbowl Children by Alison Krauss & Union      Station, written by Peter Rowan
  • Pretty Little Girl From      Galax by      Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out, written by Milan Miller
  • Somewhere South Of Crazy by Dale Ann Bradley, written      by Dale Ann Bradley & Pam Tillis
  • Sounds Of Home by Blue Highway, written by      Shawn Lane

Any one of four songs would please me, I do believe. Four are songs of substance. All sound good and are worthy nominees. Yes, the message is delivered: “A Far Cry from Lester and Earl.”

Now, will anyone listen?


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IBMA Awards 2012, part 15   Leave a comment


  • Barry Bales
  • Mike Bub
  • Missy Raines
  • Mark Schatz
  • Marshall Wilborn

I wouldn’t be surprised if Missy won…yes, Marshall again. A nice man, in my experience and a great musician. He must have been in the real cheap seats.

Sit back and enjoy Blue Highway. Those guys can play!

Down to 2050 viewers. I blame “Life Goes On.”

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