IBMA Awards 2012, part 12

I regret that I didn’t buy a ticket for Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers when they were in Edmonton this past summer. Would have been a great show, based on this performance tonight. I appreciate what he has done for the music.

Just to clarify- I think giving Doc Watson the guitar player of the year award was a heartfelt expression of appreciation for the man on the occasion of his passing this past spring. I just feel, very strongly, that we should honour those we love, those we respect, and those we admire and appreciate while they are with us. You may recall I got a bit active a few years back to get Hazel Dickens admitted to the IBMA Hall of Fame. You may have noticed I haven’t done so of late. I’m not sure it really matters now that she has passed. Who would we be electing her to the Hall for? I think we would be doing it to make Us feel better as much as to honour her contributions to the music.

Another reason why I think Bobby Osborne should have been nominated for Male Vocalist this year.

On with the show…

Instrumental Group of the Year

  • Blue Highway
  • The Boxcars
  • Sam Bush Band
  • Michael Cleveland and      Flamekeeper
  • Punch Brothers

With Cleveland not getting Fiddle player of the year, the voters may not give him this award for the fourth time. Should have been Blue Highway. The Boxcars repeat. I do like Steffey’s speaking voice. Look for him to get a Sirius XM radio show…everyone else seems to have one.


  • Wayne Benson
  • Jessie Brock
  • Sam Bush
  • Sierra Hull
  • Adam Steffey

Wouldn’t be surprised if Adam Steffey had to turn around. I’m loyal to Jesse, though. For the ninth time, Adam Steffey. Why didn’t I predict that? I did think Sierra might get the votes this time.


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