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7:50- Chris interviews Dale Ann. As always, she spoke with eloquence of the blessings she has been provided…and earned. Grace, I’d suggest.

7:51- Kyle goes up a notch by recognizing the same qualities in DAB that I do. Not that we’re keeping score.

7:53- back to the Ryman stage. Sam Bush takes the mic. Mentions the distinguished achivement awards to: Greg Cahill, Bill Knowlton, Lilly Pavlak, Geoff Stelling, and Roland White

7:54- James Alan Shelton is about to induct George Shuffler into the Hall of Fame. I’ve spoken on the phone with James a couple times and value the time we spent backstage one year at an Alberta festival. He is one heck of a guitar player.

A very nice induction speech about ‘the third Stanley brother’ and a nice description of Shuffler’s walking bass and cross-picking styles and influence. And a very nice idea, show producers, to play audio of George’s playing as evidence of his contributions to the music.

8:00- Well done, James. George couldn’t have asked for a better introduction.

A beautiful tribute.

I saw George on stage I think only once- at Wintergrass in ’01 I believe and I think he was playing with either Dry Branch or Lynn Morris. The details are mentally sketchy obviously, but I know I recall thinking that I was seeing something special, was receiving a treat to hear him play the bass.

8:03 A nice hand for the man.

The Grascals are on stage now performing “I Am Strong.” A bit (okay, a lot) sugary for me, but the band is obviously devoted to the song. And it is nominated for Song of the Year.


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