IBMA Awards 2011

8:07- I’m guessing a standing ovation for The Grascals and the girls who joined them for “I Am Strong.” A moment for them to remember and not even I’m a bit enough jerk to criticise that performance.

8:08- Carl Jackson and Louisa Branscomb to present

Blue Highway
Dailey & Vincent
The Gibson Brothers
Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out

The Gibson Brothers finally come through for me. I think I called that one, or did I go with Blue Highway?

8:11- The first mention of ‘it is just an honour to be nominated.’

8:12- A teleprompter slam. But rehearse, I’m guessing.

Some life from Carl J. Some spontaneity.


Barry Bales, Mike Bub, Missy Raines, Mark Schatz, Marshall Wilborn

And the 2011 IBMA Bass Player of the Year is…Marshall Wilborn. That one I did predict.

I have the highest regard for Marshall. He has been to Red Deer a couple times, once with Lynn Morris and again with Flamekeeper. A gent he be.

8:15- you can feel the love for The Boxcars as they head into “December 13.” A very good band, without doubt. Don’t take my previous comments out of context, please; I’ve enjoyed listening to their album since I bought it. I just think a band- any band- has to ‘earn’ their awards. They are all vets, so I guess they’ve earned the accolades. Just not as The Boxcars, perhaps.

I have a feeling the results of tonight will prove me wrong. Again.

8:18 Another break. Kyle- “Song of the Year” isn’t a major award? Okay, I’ll stop.

8:19- Live to tape with Chris Jones: Michael Cleveland and Charlie Lawson- I really respect M.C.’s devotion to traditional bluegrass and really wish I had been more ready to talk bluegrass with him when he was in Red Deer with Dale Ann the first time. Obviously a wealth of information.


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